The “Alghero” DOC Appellation

The Alghero DOC is the Sardinian appellation that includes the largest number of types of wine.

The “Alghero” DOC covers an area of northwestern Sardinia that extends inland for about 19 miles from the coast of the town of Alghero, incorporating the municipalities of Olmedo, Ossi, Tissi, Usini, Uri, Ittiri and part of Sassari

The DOC was created to promote the wine-growing and wine-making activities of these areas, which owe their excellence and uniqueness to various factors.

First and foremost, a wine-making heritage of great interest and ancient tradition: just think of Torbato or Cagnulari, grown only in this area, but also internationally important varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, which take on distinctive and unmistakable characteristics here.

Of no less importance is this area’s wine-growing tradition. This area of Sardinia, where vine cultivation dates back several centuries, was also greatly influenced by Spanish rule, which not only brought varieties from the Iberian peninsula to the island but also contributed to building valuable skills that have been passed down from generation to generation and give Alghero DOC wines the character and structure we know today.

Soil, climate, wind and sea do the rest of the work throughout the year, giving the wines produced in this area their distinctive characteristics of salinity and minerality.

As for the wines, the “Alghero” DOC includes whites, reds and rosés and several varietal wines. Specifically, the types of wine covered by the appellation are:

  • Bianco, also in Frizzante, Spumante, Passito versions
  • Rosso, also in Novello, Liquoroso, Riserva versions
  • Rosato, also in a Frizzante version
  • Torbato, also in a Spumante version
  • Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay, also in a Spumante version
  • Cabernet, also in a Riserva version
  • Merlot, also in a Riserva version
  • Sangiovese
  • Cagnulari (or Cagniulari), also in a Riserva version
  • Vermentino Frizzante

The wine-making practices for “Alghero” DOC wines have different requirements depending on the type of wine, which you can learn more about by downloading the specifications from the link below.

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