The white grape variety Vermentino probably originates from the Iberian Peninsula and arrived in Sardinia via Corsica in the late 19th century. Although it is cultivated in other regions of Italy, its ideal habitat is in Sardinia, spreading from Gallura throughout the island, where it currently occupies an area of around 4,300 hectares (10,625 acres).

Vermentino is the grape variety of the sea: it gives its best in coastal and immediate inland areas, and its wines have great sapidity and a bouquet reminiscent of the Mediterranean maquis and the scent of citrus fruits.

Wines made from Vermentino have a strong personality that varies according to the different production areas: in the “Alghero” DOC area, only Vermentino Frizzante is produced, characterized by an intense straw yellow color, fine bubbles and a fruity aroma.

Ampelography of the vine

Leaf: medium or medium-large, spherical or pentagonal, five-lobed or more often seven-lobed
Bunch: medium, conical or cylindrical and winged, sometimes with a long pedunculate, sparseor moderately compact wing
Grape: medium or medium-large, round to very short ellipsoidal
Skin: medium thickness, greenish-yellow with golden or amber hues in good sunlight and characteristic rust-colored spots

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