Chardonnay is a white grape variety, which most likely originated in France in the municipality of the same name in Burgundy. It has since spread to such an extent that it has become one of the most widely grown white grape varieties in the world, from Australia to California, South America to Israel and, of course, Italy.

Depending on the soil and climatic conditions in which it is grown, Chardonnay gives wines different aromatic components.
This grape variety can be used to produce both still and sparkling traditional method wines and the “Alghero” DOC includes both types, characterised by a straw-yellow color, a delicate and fruity bouquet and a delicate and balanced flavour.

Ampelography of the vine

Leaf: medium, whole, wavy and smooth.
Bunch: medium-small, compact with cylindrical-conical shape, sometimes with two slightly pronounced wings.
Grape: small, spheroid
Skin: thin and waxy, green-yellow in color.

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