The Torbato grape variety was introduced to Sardinia during the period of Spanish rule: it was during the 300 years of Catalan occupation on the island that its cultivation developed, producing a wine which was even exported to the court of the Aragonese kings.

It is currently grown only in the Alghero area, where the calcareous clay soil and the warm, dry climate allow it to express its full potential.

The Torbato grape variety is generally made into a single-varietal wine and is also used as the basis for the Spumante version; both the still version (with Torbato min. 85%) and the Spumante version are included in the “Alghero” DOC. The resulting wine has an averagely intense straw-yellow color and an olfactory profile reminiscent of marine and mineral notes as well as fruity notes; on the palate, it is persistent with a pleasantly bitter finish in the single-varietal version.

Ampelography of the vine

Leaf: medium, spherical, five-lobed or three-lobed
Bunch: medium, compact, cylindrical and conical
Grape:medium-small, with spheroidal shape
Skin: consistent, green-yellow color

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